A little bit about Glass Angel

At Glass Angel, we were displeased with the extreme mark up on Korean skincare products in Australia and the limited range in the market. The overall objective of this online store is to help bring that mark up down and expand the range of products available to us all! 😊

Based in Sydney, Australia we aim to bring all the latest and greatest from Korea and Japan to your doorstep, at a reasonable price.

We would love to be a part of your journey to dewy, glass skin!

Our founder:

Hi! My name is Azhar, founder of Glass Angel. A little over 6 years ago, I had the good fortune of falling in love with K-Beauty!

A close friend of mine, gifted some Korean skincare products to me. I was so surprised at how pure the ingredients lists were and was super excited to try them out. So, I tried them the very second I got home. And there, my love affair with K-Beauty started. After 2 weeks of my K-Beauty skincare routine, so many of my skin problems I’d been suffering from, had been alleviated. Wether it was dry skin, acne or acne marks. Can you see why I fell in love? 😜

Curated Collection

Our products are hand picked. We are super picky with our collection, and each product featured on Glass Angel is selected based on it's formulation.

If we wouldn't put it on our skin, we wouldn't sell it to you! A simple strategy to make sure our customers only get the best! 😇 

Don't be a stranger!

Contact us at: glassangelskincare@gmail.com

Alternatively you can reach us on: 0470048813

You can also DM us on instagram @glassangelskincare

We do take requests. So, if there are any products you would like us to source from Korea or Japan, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us to talk about it. We'll do our best to source it for you and keep prices low.