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    Kikumasamune Sake Skin Care Cleansing Gel 200g

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    Size: 200g

    Kiku-Masamune Japanese Sake Skin Care Cleansing Gel is a gentle gel cleanser with a soft pink gel texture. It comes in a large tube that’s easy to squeeze and can last up to 4 months! 

    The gel texture of Kiku-Masamune Cleansing Gel makes it easy to spread and blends like magic on the face to dissolve makeup and gently lift it up. This gentle cleanser is formulated with Japanese Sake from the Kiku Masamune Brewery, and the scent is true to its star ingredient. The main focus of this cleanser is to remove make up. So it can be used as a first cleanse or even a second cleanse for dryer skin. 

    Kiku-Masamune Japanese Sake Skin Care Cleansing Gel is packed with high levels of amino acids (glutamic acid, arginine, leucine) and Sake (rice fermentation liquid) which helps lock in moisture.  It has a skin identical, low pH and leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and hydrated without any tightness.  Suitable for all skin types!

    About Kikumasamune:

    Kikumasamune is a traditional Japanese sake brewing company that launched a skincare brand featuring sake and all its fermented, skin-loving goodness as its star ingredient.

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    Water, DPG, triisostearate PEG-20 glyceryl, pentylene glycol, fermented rice liquor, glutamic acid, arginine, leucine, placenta extract, arbutin, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, cyclohexane -1.4- dicarboxylic acid bis ethoxydiglycol, isostearate PEG- 20 glyceryl, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, carbomer, hydroxide Na, butyl carbamate iodide propynyl, methylparaben, perfume


    Take an appropriate amount (3 cm) in your palm and lather well with water or apply onto the skin.
    Gently massage to lift up and remove makeup and impurities
    Rise with warm water or use a wash cloth to wipe if off.
    Then follow up with a gentle cleanser as part of the double cleanse.